The most relaxing massages that I have ever had!  This is really the best way to get rid of all the stress and start fresh again. The long lasting effects of his massages are amazing and help me get through my busy work schedule. My family is also grateful for the calming and relaxing effects Barre has on me. Thanks Barre for not just improving my back pains but also my ability to relax. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Andy Sproll, company owner, Portugal.

“A quality of life changing experience !” Having been massaged on all continents, I can truely say that the combination of the manual therapy and the food advice you gave me, have such a positive impact on my quality of life ! You are at the zenith of this art, which has now become your art, the “Art of touch “. Forever greatfull, and looking forward to meet you next year!

Gregg Hupert, CEO Daronet Europe.

As a Lifestyle and Wellness Specialist, I have had the opportunity to experience many different levels and types of massage.
I found Barres massage techniques and skills to be at world class levels and more importantly, there was a very detectable passion for his work which was refreshing and inspiring to experience. His dedication to his work shone through and it was a very beneficial experience to work with his knowledge of all the shiatsu points.

Beran Perry,  Parry pilates core body academy director and shareholder, Belgium

Barre de Groot has truly got the gift and then some! Apart from the overall feeling of physical well being, he leaves you feeling peaceful yet energised and years younger!  For two years I had a trapped nerve in my neck and went from one physiotherapist to another with no improvement.  I had resigned myself to living with discomfort.  After three home visits from Barre, not only was the pain gone but I was more agile than ever and more aware of my posture.

The “Barre special” is not to be missed – you owe yourself this treat at least once in your life!

Julia van Huuksloot Ward, Company Director,  Marbella

Arranged an appointment for a home visit as I suffer from severe neck pain brought on by stress.  I was impressed when Barre arrived with everything required for the massage, towels, oils which he mixed especially for me, a heated blanket for my back and neck, a professional massage bed and music. After only half an hour I felt the tension ease from my neck and once the massage was finished I was completely pain free. I now see Barre once a week for a maintenance session and an occasional Reiki session which I love. I would whole heartedly recommend Barre to anyone what ever the severity of their problem, Barre has a gift and I am pleased I found him.

Jules Franken, company owner advertising, Spain

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