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Advice: drink plenty of water after your personalised massage to maximize the effect and feel reborn again.

Another recommendation to keep your body in good shape is regular stretching, especially after sports as a part of your cool-down sequence.

The following are a selection of my rebalancing treatments:

  • Spirit Reviver and Stress away Full Body Massage. A specialised prolonged massage to ensure total relaxation and freedom from tension.  This is a fusion of all the techniques I master; needless to say it invigorates and totally recharges YOU.  It is the real “Barre” massage experience!
  • Sports Massage. Sports massage was originally developed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training. Sports massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons.  This massage, applied skillfully, is the most effective therapy for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the musculo-skeletal system. Received regularly this may not only help you as a golf/tennis player or “fitness fanatic” to prevent injuries, but will give u more flexibility to get better sports results.
  • Acupressure is a technique which is applied to acupuncture points or meridian lines by using my hand, fingers, arms, elbows or knees. Acupoints used in treatment may or may not be in the same area of the body as the targeted symptom. The Traditional Chinese Medicine theory for the selection of such points and their effectiveness is that they work by stimulating the meridian system to bring relief and rebalance yin/yang and “chi”.
  • Shiatsu is a Japanese born therapy that uses pressure applied with thumbs, fingers and palms to the same energy meridians as acupressure and incorporates stretching. It also uses techniques such as rolling, brushing, vibrating, grasping and can be done fully dressed.
  • Holistic massage is based on the principal of the classic or Swedish massage and uses the five basic strokes; effleurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction (cross fiber) and vibration/shaking. Swedish massage has proven to be helpful in reducing pain, joint stiffness and in improving mobility in patients with osteoarthritis. It is also helpful for individuals with poor circulation.
  • Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the superficial and deep layers of muscles, fascia and the connective tissue and is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain or are involved in heavy physical activity such as athletes, and patients who have sustained physical injury. It is used to treat particular muscular-skeletal disorders and complaints, and employs a dedicated set of techniques and strokes to achieve a measure of relief. When receiving deep tissue work it is important to communicate what you are feeling.
  • Reiki is a spiritual practice and this Japanese healing technique is a form of complementary and alternative medicine and is classified as oriental medicine by some professional bodies. Through the use of this technique, practitioners including myself believe that we are transferring healing energy in the form of “ki” or “chi” through the palms.
  • Chi foot massage is based on the principle that there are pressure points on the feet that relate to every organ, gland, and system of the body and stimulation results is an overall improvement of the well-being of the client.
  • All above massages can include Reiki depending on your requirements.


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